Bika Football : Two games to be played on Monday


Two games will be played on Monday, 20th June at the Kabaka Kyabaggu Stadium in the Bika Bya’baganda football competition.

The first game will be between Mutima Muyanja and Mazzi Ga Kisasi at 2PM.

Omusu will face off with Enjobe in the second game at 4PM. The two teams that will emerge victories will join Engo and the 24 clans that got a bye following their performances in the competition.

Engo beat Embwa 4-2 in the opening game that was played at Kasana Luweero Playgrounds in Bulemeezi.

Meanwhile, Kayozi will play Kasimba on Tuesday at Kawanda playgrounds whereas Nkula and Njaza will face off in the other game at Muteesa II Stadium in Wankulukuku on the same day.

Mbogo are the reigning champions following their 1-0 triumph over Kkobe in the 2019 edition final that was held at the Masaka Recreation grounds.

All Bika Winners since 1950:

1950: Mbogo
1951: Ngabi Nsamba
1952: Mmamba Gabunga
1953: Not Held
1954: Not Held
1955: Kkobe
1956: Mmamba Gabunga
1957: Nyonyi Nyange
1958: Ngeye
1959: Mmamba Gabunga
1960: Ffumbe
1961: Bbalangira and Kkobe
1962: Nkima
1963: Not Held
1964: Mmamba Gabunga
1965: Mmamba Gabunga
1987: Ngabi Nsamba
1988: Lugave
1989: Mmamba Gabunga
1990: Lugave
1991: Ngeye
1992: Ngeye
1993: Nkima
1994: Mmamba Gabunga
1995: Lugave
1996: Mpindi
1997: Nnyonyi
1998: Lugave
1999: Lugave
2000: Mpologoma
2001: Ngo
2002: Mpologoma
2003: Mmamba Gabunga
2005: Ffumbe
2006: Mpindi
2007: Ngabi Nsamba
2008: Kkobe
2009: Ffumbe
2010: Nte
2011: Mmamba Gabunga
2012: Ngeye
2013: Ngabi Nsamba
2014: Mmamba Gabunga
2015: Mbogo
2016: Nte
2017: Nte
2018: Nkima
2019: Mbogo

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