BIKA FOOTBALL 2018: 6 time winners Lugave and Mpindi to Kick off the tournament

By: Gladys Zawedde

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II will grace the Grand Opening of the 2018 edition of the Bika bya Baganda tournament that will be kicked off at St Mary’s Stadium in Kitende as Lugave and Mpindi tussle out in a knockout tournament.

The two clans were semifinalists of the 2017 edition of the Bika tournament and they were eliminated by Ffumbe and Nte respectively.

Ivan Mboowa( Onduparaka FC), Brian Majwega( URA), Patrick Mboowa( URA), Juma Ssebadduka (Express) Lawrence Bakilanze and Yuda Mugalu(Paidha Black Angels) are among the key players Mpindi clan will rely on.

Lugave clan will depend on Julius Mutyaba(URA), Bashir Mutanda( Kirinya Jinja SS), Abraham Ndugwa ( Masavu), Sande Mukiibi( Masavu), Karim Ndugwa (Onduparaka)

Richard Kato will be the man in the helms of Lugave clan replacing George Ssemwogere who was the head coach last year.

After falling shot last year on the semis last year, Mpindi’s Edward Kaziba is confident this edition is their’s to win, he says

” We have made proper preparations this all players are with us am very confident about taking the shield this year. We are only missing out the services of Yusuf Ssaka of Kyetume FC but I believe we have better replacements.”

Nte clan are the defending champions having defeated Ffumbe clan courtesy of Umar Kasumba’s first half goal on 25th- November-2017 at Bukalasa Agricultural Institute Luweero.



1951:Ngabi Nsamba

1952:Mmamba Gabunga

1953: Not Held

1954:Not Held


1956:Mmamba Gabunga

1957: Nyonyi Nyange

1958: Ngeye

1959: Mmamba Gabunga

1960: Ffumbe

1961: Bbalangira and Kkobe

1962: Nkima

1963: Not Held

1964: Mmamba Gabunga

1965: Mmamba Gabunga

1987: Ngabi Nsamba

1988: Lugave

1989: Mmamba Gabunga

1990: Lugave

1991: Ngeye

1992: Ngeye

1993: Nkima

1994: Mmamba Gabunga

1995: Lugave

1996: Mpindi

1997: Nnyonyi Nyange

1998: Lugave

1999: Lugave

2000: Mpologoma

2001: Ngo

2002: Mpologoma

2003: Mmamba Gabunga


2005: Ffumbe

2006: Mpindi

2007: Ngabi Nsamba/Mpindi

2008: Kkobe

2009: Ffumbe

2010: Nte

2011: Mmamba Gabunga

2012: Ngeye

2013: Ngabi Nsamba

2014: Mmamba Gabunga

2015: Mbogo

2016: Nte

2017: Nte

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