BASKETBALL : Nasser Sserunjogi vows to work with Grace Kwizera


The newly elected FUBA President Nasser Sserunjogi has confirmed that his executive  will work hand in with the National team committee headed by Hajj Mohamed Santur Ghendi and Grace Kwizera.

Sserunjogi and Kwizera contested for the presidency in the elections that were conducted on February 24th ,2019 at the Uganda Olympic committee offices with the former emerging victorious.

Nasser Sserunjogi highlighted that in a spirit of true sportsmanship both parties have agreed to work together as a team and take the Federation forward.

We are here today to inform the world, the Basketball fraternity, all partners and stakeholders that basketball is one family and that we are ready to work together as a team. My brother Grace Kwizera and I were both competing for one common cause to serve the game of basketball, the game we all cherish and love.

“We shall maintain the National Team committee headed by the General manager Hajj Mohamed Santur Ghendi and Grace Kwizera will continue managing our junior NBA program.”

The FUBA honorary President Ambrose Tashobya the man who served the Federation for 12 is confident that the new executive committee will maintain the legacy

I have no doubt that my brothers will take the Federation forward and I congratulate the new Federation President Nasser and wish him well. I am excited because what I had hoped for is happening, that is for the new administration to purpose to work with all other parties and use all our potentials to serve this game of basketball.”

This is a good step in the right direction, I went to thank Nasser for reaching out and Kwizera and Hajj Santur for accepting the call.”

Kwizera is also delighted to be on board and looks forward to continue making a lot of progress with the Junior NBA program.

“This has always been about basketball, and doing my part to elevate the game in the country. Continuing to lead the Junior NBA while managing the National Team with Mohamed Santur is a natural fit. It is what we have done for the last 6 year and what I am looking forward to continuing to do.” He stated

The gesture exhibited by both parties is expected to yield more to the game of Basketball in the country

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