Bashir Mutanda on way back to recovery

By: Swaibu Luyombya

Kirinya Jinja SS Fc player maker Bashir Mutanda has been on the sidelines through injury and has missed the opening 7 games for his club.

Mutanda who got injured during the Preseason confirmed to SwiftSports Uganda website that he has started light training,

“I have missed the start of the season due to a serious injury i suffered two months ago during the preseason, the good thing the club has been their for me during my time on the sidelines. I have been involved in light training and hopefully by next month I will be fit to play.”

Mutanda is also impressed by how the club has began the season and also revealed he wants the club have a great season

“We have started well this season and i believe we can continue putting up great performances. Personally i miss the entire team and i can’t wait for my return since i want the club to have a great season than fighting relegation as it was last season,” he concluded.

Mutanda was instrumental  for Kirinya Jinja SS last season scoring 5 goals and helped them survive relegation.

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