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We are a group of self motivated Sport loving Ugandans, firmly of the belief that a focus on quality instead of quantity would help us create something special. 

You will not find any political centered publications here or deliberately provocative and entirely unfair assault on your football,  basketball,  Volleyball,  Rugby,  Athletics , Cricket or  Boxing teams name it,  for our most guarded principals are objectivity and fairness.

We understand your love for the English premier league,  the Spanish Primera liga, the French league 1, the Italian series A ,the German Bundesliga,  or the American NBA and ICC 20/20, but you will not find them here because the we honestly can’t cover it all and the likes of Marca, Gazetta Del Sporto,  the Guardian,  the Express and Mail etc can do it extremely better.  Our focus is on the African continent,  East African and Ugandan sport because it’s what we understand best,  it’s where we can reach and its what we want to concentrate on.

We have people who are good at stuff to do stuff that they’re good at. If you’re reading an opinion column here, it’s because the person with the opinion knows stuff. If you’re reading a feature, it’s because the writer has something to tell you and if you are searching for results and scores because the person reporting on them watched the games and he/she gives you 1st hand perfect information.  We have correspondents, we have interviews and we have a very strict editorial machinery that filters trash from substance, we reach the ground. 

We realised that people were being driven away from local sports simply because of the emergency of a wide range of international media,  that’s why we came out with this great idea of trying to avail them with the history,  the news,  the updates,  the interviews , the previews and reviews on all local sports disciplines.

It is our aspiration to see people get to love their game again by providing them with all the necessary information with just a click away. It’s our desire,  it’s our drive. 

But we can’t achieve this all without your help and assistance  you can financially support us by advertising on our site or through a partnership ( on +256 783719229/ 0702115386/ 0752909696 or by mail at danitonsubuga@gmail.com or sinanirajub@gmail.com)

 Together we can achieve. 

They wish for it,  we work for it. We are Swift 


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