The Legacy of Farouk Daku Malingumu the Ugandan Southpaw Boxer based in Netherlands

By: Nacho Black Armo 

Like many of the successful Ugandan Boxers, the hustle lines move hand in hand with their life backgrounds, Farouk Daku Malingumu’s is no different.

Born 14th-Feb-1985 last among four siblings, Daku showed signs of trading his career in boxing at an early age. His discipline and love for the sport hanging out in gyms as a time keeper as early as in primary six were all predictions of a tomorrow hero.

Though he lost his mother at tender age and had to to grow and the care taking of different relatives, Daku climbed up quickly the ladder to success taking his chances through junior development championships where he won both the National Junior and the Novice championships with Destiny High.

However, the Southpaw fighter had his smash hit in 2010 when he stopped Tanzanian Oswald Maneno who had embarrassed Godfrey Nyakana earlier in 2003 and sent him to retirement.

“Yes Oswald Maneno was a very strong man who really came to win that day at Sabrinas Pub. I looked for the K.O but the fight lasted 12 rounds instead. I kept jabbing him on my southpaw stance till he got lost.”

After destroying Maneno, Farouk got his shot and his professional career was destined to write a mark in Netherlands where he has had tremendous success. However, he came back to Uganda thrice in the ring.

“I won the East and Central African Title defeating Ibrahim Tamba, the second time I came back to fight in Uganda i beat Siad Mbelwa to win the African Boxing Union and the third time i beat karmony from Hungary to win the World boxing forum.

Last year saw Daku visit Nairobi, Kenya in a World Boxing Union fight which he successfully won defeating Tanzanian Siad Mbelwa.

Farouk Daku last fight came in June last year when he lost to Cedric Bellais on points after 12 rounds in a Royal Boxing Organization title in Tahiti French Polynesia.

However, there are negations for a title match on 9th june-2018 in Canada.

About other Boxers.

Princes Naseem, Lennox Lewis , Mohammed Ali ( RIP), Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao are my favourite boxers while Justin Juuko, Godfrey Nyakana and Kassim Ouma are my inspirational Boxers from Uganda.

To the young Boxers

“To the young boxers in Uganda and world wide, motivation is knowing really knowing what you want and what it takes to get it and so if its boxing then train hard and never give up because it takes time to achieve your dreams”

Daku pays respect to Mr Saad Lukwago Chairman of the Malingumu and Ham Towers boss Muwonge Bosco for promoting his fights in Uganda.

Daku is a current World Boxing Intercontinental Champion, former 3 time East And Central African Champion, Former African Champion and former WBF Champion with a total of 36 professional fights, 21 wins with 9 K.Os, 14 losses and 1 draw.