SAMSON KIRYA: SC Villa’s forgotten man opens up on the tough battle to recovery


Two years is a short time in normal life but way too long for sportsmen whose sell by date quickly expires faster than most perishable products.

SC Villa custodian Sam Kirya attests to the feat having been on the sidelines for more than two years. That’s basically serving the biggest part of his contract at the treatment table.

Despite the situation, Kirya is grateful to the Villa management for having wilfully stood by him during all this turbulent time .

” I am privileged to be working with this team, I am still on the team payroll and paid like any other player despite being inactive for all this long”

” I spent close to eight months before undergoing surgery and later spent another year after the surgery but God has really been with me”.

Towards the close of round one of the just concluded league season, he was declared fit again, went back to full training but unfortunately faced a setback which he believes was a very big disappointment.

” I was named among the substitutes between our match against Vipers at Kitende, I was so delighted and raring to go again but my happiness was short lived when I fell awkwardly and injured my shoulder. That was a huge set back”.

A dismayed Kirya lamented

Kirya training at home during the lockdown period

The keeper did however not give up but got back to work again and restore his fitness and before the league was prematurely stopped in March, he had gotten back on the rolling.

” The lockdown has been another blessing in disguise for me, I have dedicated more time on my fitness levels and now feel great again. I can jump on a single leg and can also do dives. The only thing I haven’t done is a goal kick which is limited by lack of space. But I can ably do sharp turns at ease.”

Despite this feeling, the number one spot is no longer an automatic privilege for him with Saidi Keni and Samuel Kivumbi being ahead of him in pecking order.

“Well, I don’t think it is just competition but it is a good challenge that I am ready to take on. We have a uniform goal of keeping Villa’s goal posts safe and whoever is out in will fight for that. I just have to keep myself fit and ready for the task if given the chance and perhaps I can be number one again “.

Every human being picks positives from any situation that befall them no matter the consequences and for Kirya, more positives have been picked than negatives.

” First I have learnt not to take anything for granted again, to take all my chances when they fall due and respect time. I have learned to appreciate the love of those people around me and the caring love of Villa fans who always check on me”.. I am more focused now.

Kirya against Vipers in 2017-18 at Kitende

The niggling injury was sustained during Villa’s last serious fight for a league title that they lost towards the finishing line of 2017-18 and Kirya doesn’t want to keep any memories of that fight.

” We were so close but failed yourselves, we had it in our hands but handed it over to our opponents”

“A lot has been said but to me, the fault was on us”.

SC Villa XI at Masaka Recreation Grounds

” The more I reflect on it, the more hurt I get. It disturbs me even more that most of the lads in that team struggled after that season. Everyone took his own path, the coaching staff, the management and literally everyone. I am happy that at least coach Mubarak Kiberu is back and he has done a tremendous job in making the goalkeeping department tick “.

Mubarak Kiberu the SC Villa goalkeeping coach

” If only we had stayed together for another season, we would have won a double and many other achievements “.

Kirya’s current contract with SC Villa will expire this June but the custodian isn’t worried about the future.

” I am confident of my abilities. The team hasn’t spoke to me about it but everyone is still tied down by the CoronaVirus, we shall wait and see what happens later on.”

” I am more focused on my fitness and haven’t also given up on getting into national team consideration because I believe I can”.

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