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OPINION : Government sports fund too little or FUFA takes it all?


OPINION : Government sports fund too little or FUFA takes it all?


Presidents of various National Federations have decried the “unfair” distribution of the Sports fund from government. Notable among these is Motor-mouthed Uganda Boxing Federation’s Moses Muhangi.

Unlike the previous year’s sports budget of 26.6 billion, this year’s budget was trimmed to 17.4 Billion as a result of the Covid pandemic. Of this, an extraction of 10 Billion goes to the Football Federation and the other Federations share what remains. takes you through an insightful version and unearthing the truth regarding the matter.

“Just imagine by letting go of half of it’s total of 10 Billion immediately all the other 50 Federations get a minimum allocation of shillings 100 Million each. And FUFA would still retain a whopping Shillings 5 Billion”. Said Robert Jjagwe the Uganda Table Tennis Association president.

“And this is all we are asking for. Just to breathe, other Federations should breathe too, Nothing More. Remember these are National Sports Federations not personal clubs”. He concluded.

There are apparently a number of things that FUFA has done that other Federations have either neglected or abandoned completely. For example, It took efforts from the FUFA President and the Cranes to pay a visit to the President and make efforts to lobby before the 10 Billion deal was finally granted.

The power of branding. Gaining credibility, confidence and trust from the public and other corporate companies is not a walk in a park. It takes both effort and strategy.

It should be noted that Football is a big brand game world over, and thus attracts attention of many people. Politicians, like sponsors, love to associate with numbers. Other Federations aught to lay done strategies to help them penetrate the corporate world and build formidable fan bases for their sport too.

Recently, Seeta United unveiled a shirt sponsor. Now this pauses many questions, if a lowwer division Football club can catch the eye of a sponsor, Why not a full Federation? Well, this remains for us to answer individually.

In conclusion, i make my humble but objective submission that untill and unless sports organizations stop pointing fingers at each other to lobby for government, the Sports budget will always remain wanting.

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